Preschool Service Contracting Scheme

  • A six month period of schooling for preschool entrance who was not accommodated during the opening of classes which starts October.

Kinder Summer Program (KSP)

  • Grade One entrance who were not able to enroll in the Kindergarten program are given a month preparation for formal schooling

Integrated Core Curriculum (ICC)

  • A regional initiative that developed and implemented a developmentally appropriate and integrative kind of curricula for the development of the different developmental domains.

On-The-Spot Integrative Assessment for Preschool Education Program (OSIAPEP)

  • A regional initiative instrument use to assess / evaluate the effectiveness of the performance of pupils in the different developmental domains administered in a non-threatening manner.

Pre-Assessment Tools for Five-Year Preschool Students via Play (PATFYOPEP)

  • A tool that helps determine children’s prior knowledge before entering Preschool Demo Teaching on the K to 12 Curriculum
  • Enhance preschool teachers’ competencies in the implementation of the K-12 Curriculum

Search for the Outstanding Pre-School Teachers of the Year

  • Recognize the outstanding performance/s of Pre-school teachers

Bench Marking on Preschool Entrants’ Capabilities in the Public School

  • Bench mark the Capabilities/prior knowledge of preschool entrants in the public school


Intensive School-Based Instructional Supervision (ISBIS)

  • A Regional initiative focused on intensive supervision of instruction providing technical support and assistance to teachers with an end goal of improving performance of pupils in all grade levels, in the five major learning areas.

A Day in School (ADIS)

  • To return DepEd-NCR to its rightful place as THE PREMIER REGION via pupil achievement) Assess and improve instruction and instructional supervision from regional to school level by providing immediate assistance, prepare short term projects and interventions, to further improve performance levels of teachers, principals and supervisors, and ultimately end with the increase of pupil’s achievement levels.

Every Child A Reader Program (ECARP)

  • An institutionalized programs by DepED which enforce the policy that every child a reader by Grade 3.

Philippine Informal Reading Inventory

  • A national assessment tool to determine the reading level of pupils from Grades I-VI.

Child Friendly School System (SFSS)

  • A program sponsored by the UNICEF that aims at putting the best interest of the child especially the poor learner, at heart by understanding the child himself and his interaction with his environment (the home, the school and the community) through a standardized teaching system

Self-Paced Learning Kit (SPL)

  • An approach to address the needs of non-readers and slow readers

Bright Minds Read (BMR) Program

  • A regional initiative funded by Mc Donald’s House of Charities focused on teaching Beginning Reading in consonance with ECARP

Journalism Program

  • A year round activity intended to develop journalistic and writing skills of pupils and teachers advisers.

Science Teacher Researchers’ Invention Program (SPTRIP)

  • Promote academic excellence in science via the conduct of science fair, quiz & sci-dama in consonance with the National Science Fair

Accreditation Program for Public Elementary Schools (APPES)

  • Designed to empower public schools to strive excellence
  • It is an evaluation system to identify and improve school effectiveness and foster excellence in the school, division, regional and national levels of the educational system. Furthermore, it is based on the concept of self-regulation to continuously upgrade educational quality and services through self-evaluation and judgment of peers.

Regional Science Sleep Over

  • An exciting experiences among teachers and pupils which is focused on brining the school and the community together with the end in view to enhance teaching strategies in the implementation of Basic Science Education

Regional Subject Area Supervision Learning Action Cell (RSASLAC)

  • Strengthen supervisory skills via round table discussions, lecture, question and answer and the like

As A Filipino

  • Developmental Reading Integrated with Values Education for Good Citizenship A Storybook commissioned by UnionBank of the Philippines – Corporate Social Responsibility, aimed at the promotion of Filipino values among our students and used as a basic resource for reading.


  • A reading enrichment skills via contests on
  • Best Reader
  • Best Storyteller
  • Best Oral Reading Interpretation
  • Vocabulary Reading Test

Changing Lives through Character Education

MUTYA: Museo Tinggalan ng Yaman ng Araling Panlipunan

  • A multi-faceted program in HEKASI that covers Teacher’s Development, Pupil Development, Curriculum Development, Physical Facilities Development and Monitoring and Evaluation.

Utilization of the Developed Formative Test for Grades I-VI HEKASI

  • Evaluate the extent and effectiveness of the Developed Formative Test for Grades I-VI

Demo Teaching for best Practices Shopping: A Roll On for HEKASI

  • Promote best practices that improve pupils performance via shopping

UnionBank Learning System (UBLS)

  • Enhances reading skills and talents in the performing arts
  • Show appreciation for learning system Promote best practices in teaching the UBLS
  • Assess the impact of the program to Grade 2 pupils

Regional Agro Industrial Fair

  • Showcase excellent project output of EPP pupils in the schools divisions

On-the-Spot Performance evaluation in EPP

  • Evaluate the performance of pupils in terms of EPP skills competencies

Regional STEP Competition in EPP

  • Enhance knowledge skills and boost self esteem among EPP pupils

Pagkaing Sapat Para Sa Lahat

  • Department of Education – National Capital Region (DepEd-NCR) Battlecry Against Poverty

Library Hub Program

  • A central office funded program

Special Science Elementary School

  • Provide pupils with various opportunities and exposure in developing skills and aptitudes for every science school.

Reading Recovery Program

  • Central Office funded program to prevent literacy difficulties at an early stage before they begin to affect a child’s education progress

Project Turn in Mathematics (Demonstration Teaching)

  • Show case the best practices of every Division and for the participants to adopt in their respective Division


  • Validate the level of SBM implementation

Children at Risk in School Needing Assistance (CaRISNA) Year I

  • To increase achievement level of 50 low performing schools by 2%

Seminar-Work-Shop/Training in Constructing Science Investigatory Materials (SIM)

  • Enhance Pupils higher order thinking skills and scientific literary through child-centered experiential and teachers competence to apply scientific methods/approaches in developing SIM

Quarterly simultaneous Earthquake Drill

  • Prepare the whole school community in times of disaster


  • As approach to develop genuine love for reading

Enhancement Program for MSEP Teachers

  • Update MSEP teachers on different methods and techniques in teaching Music, Arts and PE

Madrasah Education

  • Enhance teaching competencies of Asatidz
  • Improve the reading skills of the pupils on ALIVE Assure the success of the implementation

Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE)

  • Mass Training of Grade 1 Teacher and School Heads on Mother-Tongue Based Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE) in the NCR

Modified in School, Off School Approach (MISOSA)

  • An Alternative Delivery Mode to address over populated classes

Enhanced Instructional Management by Parents Community & Teachers (e-IMPACT) System

  • Improve Participation Rate (PR) Achievement Rate (AR) and reduce Dropout Rate (DR) in order to achieving universal primary education

Enhancement Program for Edukasyong Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan (EPP) Teachers

  • Enhance Instructional competencies of EPP teachers

Organization and activation of: KATTAP-NCR Chapter (Katipunan ng mga Tagamasid at Tagapagtaguyod ng Araling Panlipunan)/Preschool Association

  • Provide technical assistance to teachers to improve instructional competencies

2012 DepEd-NCR Conference and Seminar-Workshop on Guidance and Counseling theme: the Pursuit of effective Guidance Counseling to Achieve 2015 EFA & MDG

  • Enhance the effective delivery of Guidance and Counseling services to achieve universal primary education

Forum on Character Education & Values Education Theme: Character and Values Education

  • Provide an open discussion, share feedback and consultation relative to social transformation, moral recovery and good citizenship with end goal of enriching the Character & Values Education Program

Project toward Excellence for Mentors of English (Project TexT for ME)

  • Enhance language and reading skills of mentors for Grades I-VI

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Program

  • Conduct meetings to update schools, divisions on the ICT programs and Projects

Training Workshop on Basic Computer Literacy for Administrators and Teachers

  • Gain basic knowledge in using different computer applications as a tool in teaching

Training/Orientation for Elementary School Heads and Teachers of DepEd Computerization Program (DPC) Recipient Schools / Interactive Whiteboard

  • Orient/Update the elementary school heads and teachers of DPC Recipient Schools/Interactive Whiteboard

Training Workshop on ICT Integration across Subject Areas Using Interactive Whiteboard

  • Update the teachers on the different tools for ICT integration in the different subject areas using interactive Whiteboard

Demo Teaching on ICT Integration across Subjects Using Interactive Whiteboard

  • Promote best practices that improve the performance of students

Faber-Castell Academy of Art Seminar

  • Enhance Art Creativity of MSEP teachers (Advanced Phase)

Supreme Pupil Government (SPG)

  • A central office project to build / enhance pupils’ leadership potential and social skills

School Readiness Assessment (SreA)

  • Expedite the assessment of Grade 1 entrants readiness

Home Education Program (HEP/ Home Study Program (HSP)

  • An alternative delivery system of educating children who for some reasons or circumstances cannot avail of the formal system of instruction in a regular school

Approval of Private School Operation

  • Evaluate/approve application for permit/recognition/tuition fee increase of private school

Gender and Development (GAD) Seminar on the Prevention of Violence against Women and Children (VAW-C)

  • Raise awareness among DepEd-NCR employees enabling them to be more committed and responsive to eliminate the gender biases

GAD Capability Building

  • Strengthen the bonding and team spirit among and between DepEd employees, thus become more committed and responsive to gender equality

GAD: “The Link”

  • Create a well coordinated GAD implementation/provide regular updates for NCR

Personal Safety Lesson (PSL)

  • Conduct Training of Trainers on PSL


Expansion of SPED Program

  • Increase no. of public/private schools offering SPED Program for different exceptionalities through self-contained classes
  • Increase number of recognized SPED Centers in the public schools
  • Continue mapping of public/private schools that cater to children with special needs (CSNs) including number of organized classes and its population

 SPED Center Monitoring

  • Monitor the SPED Center operation

 Bi-annual meeting of Division Supervisors

  • Update Division on Regional SPED programs and project

 Regional SPED Conference on Inclusive Education

  • Create an Inclusive Environment for managing, teaching and learning for Diverse Learners

Seminar-Workshop on Acceleration Program for the Gifted and Talented Children

  • Update teachers and guidance counselors on the utilization of the different assessment tools for gifted and talented children

 Training in the utilization of Teacher Manual in Handling and Managing Children with Special Needs in Inclusive Setting

  • Equip knowledge and skills in utilizing teacher’s manual

 Teacher Training on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Effective Academic Intervention for CWA and CLD

  • Modify the behavior of children with special needs Equip knowledge and skills on ABA and academic intervention

 Seminar-Workshop on HEADSTART Program for the Gifted and Talented children

  • Enhance teacher’s competencies in the implementation of the Headstart Program for the Gifted and Talented children

 Seminar-Workshop Effective Academic and Behavior Interventions for Children with Special Needs (CSNs)

  • Trains/Equip school heads, teachers and guidance coordinators both in public and private schools with knowledge, skill on academic and behavior interventions implementing inclusive education

 Demo-Teaching for Best Practices on Transition Program and Early Intervention in SPED

  • Promote best practices that improve performance of children with special needs

 Seminar-Workshop on Music Therapy for Children with Special Needs

  • Equip knowledge and skills in modifying behavior through music

 Seminar Workshop on Language and Speech Development for Children with Hearing Impairment (CHI)

  • Enhance skills in teaching language / speech for children with hearing impairment

 Development of Teacher Manual on Handling and Managing Children with Special Seed in inclusive setting

  • Reproduce teaching guide in handling CSNS in inclusive setting

 Complementary Intervention SPED Private School matters

  • Evaluate/Process/Issue Government/Permit / Recognition Private Applicant Schools

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